San Francisco State University: Conceptual Information Arts: Art 412

SFSU: Conceptual Information Arts ART 412:

art 412 sfsu 

This course is meant to introduce the student to conceptual and critical thinking through the study of art movements of the twentieth and twenty-first century that specifically inform Conceptual and Information Art practices today. The student will learn software and develop conceptual approaches to art making while exploring the nature of these specific art movements. Throughout the semester the student will keep a journal which will document and allow the student to reflect, explore, and develop critical thinking. In addition to smaller weekly assignments the student will work on 3 larger projects, one group oriented project and the other two individually created projects. Through software skills, attending lectures, discussing reading assignments, creating projects, and a journal

1: Surrealist-Photoshop collage/dream interpretations

2. Dadaist-aggressive absurd written, spoken language, nonsense/response to political situation.

3. Semiotics-Symbol/Logo, using cultural signifiers/multiple meaning


1: Actionist/Happening-small group performances/site-specific

2. Conceptual Art-found objects/ideas

3. Postmodern-Hypertext, information, taxononomy, wireless, user experience

4a: Journal-on going with daily writing/drawings of ideas for pieces/connections, explorations/discoveries.

4b: Final project that is developed from journal writings/sketches and ideas explored during the semester.

Assigned Readings: on Surrealism, Dadaism, Semiotics, Actionists, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Postmodernity

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