San Jose State University CADRE Laboratory for New Media: Intro Computers in Art

CADRE: Intro Computers in Art

Art 74 Introduction to Digital Media

Tues/Thurs 6:30 p.m.-9:20 p.m. Rm 241

Instructor: Sheila Malone

Course Description

Fundamental concepts and methods of Digital Media production. Introduction to visualization software applications and web presentation techniques.

Course Objectives

Students will produce artworks using currently available imaging, composition and web design software. Each project will be presented on the Web. The class will focus on current methods, trends and conceptual frameworks for artistic production involving information technology. The course emphasizes creative and critical thinking, problem solving and computer literacy.

Course Pre-requisites


Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for all information presented in lectures and demonstrations, and through assigned readings and web related research. Students will present and critique their projects in class and on-line. Late assignments will be marked down one letter grade for each day late.

Recommended Web Sites





Tutorial Web Sites

Photoshop Tutorial

http://www. tutorials/tutorial1.html

http:/ /

Illustrator Tutorial




GoLive Tutorial

http://www.adobe. com/products/tips/golive.html authoring


Electronic Culture, Timothy Druckery, Aperture


3 Projects ( proposal 5%, technical 5% , conceptual 10% )60%

Mid Term Exam 20%

2 Written Assignments @ 10% 20%

A= 91-100

B= 81-90

C= 71-80

D= 61-70

Evaluation is based on technical, aesthetic and conceptual realization of projects. Written essays must be informed by appropriate and directed research. Mid-term examination will include multiple choice, essay and problems.


CD-R’s $25

Books $50

University Email Account

You must obtain a university email account to have remote access to the CADRE Server and to use the wireless network. Contact University Network and Telecommunications Services.

Lab Access

All students will receive access codes to the lab. Building access cards will be available for weekend and night access. All lab policies must be observed at all times. In abuse of the policy results in loss of laboratory access.

Individuals with disabilities

Contact the Disability Resource Center on campus, 924-6000, Administration Building 110, for a variety of formats such as Braille, large print, sign interpreters, assisted listening devices, audio-tape, and accommodation for physical accessibility.

Emergency Phone Numers

Emergency: 911

Escort Service: 42222

Schedule Lecture Laboratory Due

Week 1 Introduction Laboratory Introduction

Week 2 Digital Imaging Photoshop Demonstration Assign 1

Week 3 Digital Imaging Photoshop/HTML

Week 4 Project 1 Critique Critique Project 1

Week 5 Word and Image Illustrator Demonstration

Week 6 New Media Literacy 1 Illustrator/HTML Essay 1

Week 7 New Media Literacy 2 Lab Assign 2

Week 8 Mid Term Exam Lab

Week 9 Project 2 Critique Critique Project 2

Week 10 Networks GoLive Demonstration

Week 11 Protological Media GoLive Demonstration Essay 2

Week 12 Coding and Scripting 1 Lab Assign 3

Week 13 HTML Lab

Week 14 Coding and Scripting 2 Lab

Week 15 Project 3 Critique Critique Project 3

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