Cabrillo College: Video Art

Cabrillo: Video Art

AP 40VA Video as Art

Instructor Sheila Malone


A hands-on exploration of the production of video as an art form and the social, cultural, political, and theoretical foundations of independent media projects created in an art context.

This is an introduction to video as an art form. This course will introduce students to basic production techniques, operating of the camcorder and the fundamentals of live-action production, and editing. This course will include a series of screenings, readings, and discussions that will examine experimental, and other applications of the lens based and time based media arts in relation to contemporary art and fine art photography practice.

Students will learn beginning video editing techniques (using MAcintosh software such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro), and further develop their critical listening and viewing skills. We will explore the nontraditional use of video i.e. in conjunction with fine art, installation, and the computer. Class structure will consist of technical exercises, lectures, demonstrations, screenings, critiques and 2 projects. It is intended that the dynamic of the class will cultivate an environment that is conducive to spontaneous art production. While the required number of assignments for this course is minimal, the overall expectations are substantially higher. _ _

COURSE OBJECTIVES: _Acquire a historical understanding of video as an art form within contemporary art production, Develop fundamental technical skills; including various video related software such as use of dvd creation, and non-linear methods of playback. _Continue developing as lens based artists _Explore the use of nontraditional video _Develop problem solving ability

Transfer Credit: CSU.



Photoshop CS2, Final Cut Pro HD, iDvd, iMovie



two short projects will be assigned. assignments will be reviewed in class & turned in on cd, dvd, or mini-DV tape at the end of the course. show work when due.


60% two projects(30% each)

20% written journal

20% participation



video art Sylvia Martin Taschen Books

handouts- Video Fiske

suggested readings:

A History of Experimental Film and Video By: A. L. Rees

Video art [electronic resource] : a guided tour / Catherine Elwes ; with a foreword by Shirin Neshat.

Publisher: London ; New York : I.B. Tauris ; London : In Association with University of the Arts ; New York : In the United States of America and in Canada distributed by Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

**this text can be accessed: via electronic book via the Internet at the Cabrillo Library


required:1-mini-dv 60 minute tape, 1-VHS tape, 2-4 CD-R's, 1-Journal (total cost: aprox. $12-15)

optional: video camera, external firewire drive, or USB Flash Memory

class conduct

no food or drink in the classroom. no exceptions. breaks will be allowed.

please arrive to class on time, if you will be late consistently- let me know and I can give you info about what you are missing.

respect for fellow classmates, staff, faculty, and Cabrillo facilities is always expected.

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