PhD in Theater & Performance Studies- University of California, Los Angeles 

     Dissertation Chair: Distinguished Professor Sue-Ellen Case

     Dissertation Title:Sites of Sociality: Performances of Dyke Identifications Through Social Networking

MFA in Digital Media Arts (CADRE Laboratory for New Media) - San Jose State University 

BA Theatre Arts minor French- Virginia Tech University 



2013/2014 James Pendleton Foundation Prize, UCLA

2011/2012 & 2014/2015 Cota-Robles Fellowship/UCLA

2013 Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference Graduate Scholar Award

2012 Tobin Foundation Theatre Arts Grant  

2007 Anderson Ranch Arts Center Artist Award 

2004 Fleishhacker Foundation nominee 

2002 GenArtSF New Fangle artist

2001 Alamo Theater Arts Council Excellence in Lighting Design for “Wit” 

2001 Finalist American Photography Institute National Graduate Seminar Fellowships

2001 San Jose State University Art and Design Scholarship



2019  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference  Forest Grove, OR

Presentation of paper: “Queer Motorcycles and Illustrated Lives: 

Disidentification and Excess in Erika Lopez’s Work”

2018  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference  Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Presentation of paper: “The Queer Rebel: LGBTQ+ Representation in the Comic Book MotorCrush"

2017  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference Colorado Springs, CO

Presentation of paper: “Queers, Beers, and Two Wheels: 

Riding Gay Pride before Pride: The Satyrs MC Los Angeles” 

2016  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference London, U.K.

Presentation of paper: “The Politics of Noise: Motorcycles Making, 

Masking, and Muddling The Noise of Protest” 

2016 Association of Theatre in Higher Education Chicago, IL

Presentation of paper: “The 4 Ds- Labor, Life, Learning, and Longevity 

in a Community College Theatre Program”

Workshop: “From mind inside matter: Michael Chekhov & 

Joseph Chaikin Techniques”: Presenter

Roundtable: Women in Technical Theatre: Panelist

2015 Association of Theatre in Higher Education Montreal, Canada

Preconference- Women in Theatre

Presentation of paper: “Connecting Butch Nodes through Femme Notes – 

Belting the Blues  in Lesbian Love Octagon – How Social Networks Map A Lesbian Past”

2015    Cultural Studies Association Conference Riverside, CA

Presentation of paper: Performance Working Group: “Big Data, LIttle Data” 

2015 TransAtlantic Connections 2 Donegal, Ireland

Presentation of paper: “Women, Wheels and Walls: Defying the Gravity of Gender Roles”

2014    American Society for Theatre Research Baltimore, MD

Presentation of paper: “The Disbelief of Noise: Moving Lights and Other Disruptive Objects”

2014  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference Colorado Springs, CO

Presentation of paper: “Wrapping The Veil: 

Friction, Fashion, and Motorcycles in Hassan Hajjaj’s ‘Kesh Angels’” 

2014  Cultural Studies Association Conference Salt Lake City, UT

Presentation of paper: Performance Working Group: “Vibration:  

Objects Performing Violence, Queerness and Transcendence” 

2014  UCLA Symposia: Prop Q Roundtable: Queer Theory Los Angeles, CA Presentation of research: Performing Dykeness: 

Registering the Trademark Dykes on Bikes® 

2013  Comic-Con San Diego

Presentation of  paper: “Performing A New Feminism San Diego, CA

Performing A New Feminism Through Super-heroine Identification”

2013  Thinking Gender Annual Graduate Student Conference (UCLA) Los Angeles, CA 

Presentation of paper “Androgynous Punk as Postfeminist Signifying 

Strategy of  Transgression within Subcultures”

2013  Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Presentation of paper “Occupying The Night Sky and 

Performing The Bat-Signal: YouTube and Its Reiteration of Activist Spectacle”

2012  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies ConferenceColorado Springs, CO

Presentation of paper “ Batwoman and Batgirl Ride 

Badass Bikes Across An American Landscape”

2011  Popular/American Culture Association Conference San Antonio, TX

Presentation of paper “Tranny Iron: Male Femininity and 

Female Masculinity in San Francisco Dykes on Bikes

2010  International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference Colorado Springs, CO

Panel member: Dykes on Bikes: The Trademark

Presentation of film: SF Dykes on Bikes



“The Politics and Policy of Noise: Motorcycles Making, Masking, and Muddling the Noise of Protest.” Lateral, December 31, 2017.

 “Vibration: Objects Performing Violence, Queerness, and Transcendence / Dick Hungry Whore.” Lateral, June 4, 2015.

 “Androgynous Punk: Aesthetic As Gender De[con]struction in the Trilogy Film Series The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the Anime Series Kino’s Journey,” Feminist Movements Across the Board: A Critical Analysis. Spec. issue of Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest.  Dec. 2014. Peer-reviewed.

“Objects Vibrating Disobedience”  in the International Journal For Motorcycle Studies, Volume 9, Issue 2: Fall 2013.

 “The New Performer: Data as Performer and Performance” in Switch, Cadre’s On-line Journal for New Media, Winter 2000.

 “The New Performer,”  in Rhizome a new media journal:,  Spring 2000.

 “The New Performer,”  in The new Axis Reader, V5n3,  2000,  Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender, June 2000.



 2015-present Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts (full-time faculty)

2012-2014 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angeles, CA

Teaching Associate: Theater 10: Introduction to Theater (online course)

Teaching Assistant : Theater 13: Play Reading and Analysis

Teaching Assistant : Theater 110: History of American Musical Theatre

Teaching Assistant: Theater 101 B & C: History of Theatre Series, II & III

Teaching Assistant: Theater 120B: Acting in Film

2013-2015 El Camino College Torrance, CA

Adjunct Faculty

Courses taught: Computer Applications for the Entertainment Industry, Theatre Production

2003-2015   Cabrillo College Aptos, CA

Adjunct Faculty

Courses taught: Video as Art, Color Photography, Digital Photography, Contemporary Trends in Photography since 1945, Combined Processes

2000-2006 San Jose State University San Jose, CA

Adjunct Faculty Lecturer

Courses taught: Intro Digital Media, Digital Photography/Video/Sound, Intro to Computers in Art

2002/2004 San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA

Visiting Assistant Professor/Artist 

Courses taught: Digital Video/Interactive Images/Performance, Conceptual Strategies I



2013 Panelist UCLA Art History Undergraduate Student AssociationLos Angeles, CA

2013 Level Ground Film Festival  Fundraiser: Video ProjectionsPasadena, CA

2012 Volunteer Script Supervisor, Outset: Outfest’s GLBT Youth Film ProjectLos Angeles, CA

2012 Curatorial Committee  for the city of San Jose & San Jose, CAthe San Jose Int. Airport’s Art and Technology Program

2002-2011 Member of the Board of Directors  SF Dykes on Bikes         San Francisco, CA

2011   Emeritus, SF Dykes on Bikes awarded for 10 years of service

2007-09     Member of the Advisory Board Femina Potens Gallery         San Francisco, CA

2005-2010 Member of the Airport Art Program Oversight Committee for the city San Jose, CA 

of San Jose & the San Jose Int. Airport’s Art and Technology Program

2002-2004 President of the Board of Directors, Works Gallery/San Jose Gallery San Jose, CA      


PROJECTION DESIGN (selected productions)

2020 Tommy El Camino College Center for the Arts Torrance, CA

2020 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Ophelia's Jump Productions Upland, CA

2019 The Music Man Valverde Productions Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2019 Hedwig and The Angry Inch Ophelia's Jump Productions Upland, CA

2018  Beauty & The Beast, Valverde Productions Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2018 American Idiot, El Camino College Theatre Department Torrance, CA

2017 Pride & Prejudice, Lewis Family Playhouse Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2016 The Nutcracker, Pasadena Dance Theatre San Gabriel, CA

2015 The Laramie Project  El Camino College Theatre Department Torrance, CA

2014 LA PRIDE Art & Culture  Video Walls Los Angeles, CA

2013 LA PRIDE Install/WeHo Art Installation and ProjectionsLos Angeles, CA

2008-10 FashionArt Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA

2006 Exposed (National Queer Arts Festival) CounterPulse San Francisco, CA

2003 New Media Night: Works/San Jose Gallery San Jose, CA


PERFORMANCE (selected performances)

2012 Simply Knot performance Akbar Los Angeles, CA

2012 Simply Knot performance InstallWEHO West Hollywood, CA 2010  FashionArt/Kamo Kimono VJ Performance Civic Center Santa Cruz, CA

2009 FashionArt/Steel Wool Suit VJ PerformanceCivic CenterSanta Cruz, CA

2006 Exposed (National Queer Arts Festival) CounterPulseSan Francisco, CA

2003 New Media Night: Works/San Jose GallerySan Jose, CA

Experimental Digital Video Performance

2002 Skinny Notions, Bloody Potions     848 space San Francisco, CA    

2002 Fire Knee piece: DadaFest 2002    Somarts San Francisco, CA

2001 New Music Event: Works/San Jose Gallery San Jose, CA  

Experimental Digital Music Performance

2000  You Don’t See That You Don’t See   Arizona State Univ.Tempe, AZ

Digital Secrets Conference


EXHIBITIONS (selected exhibitions)

2014 LA PRIDE: Video Projection WallsLos Angeles, CA

2013 CADRE/Digital Arts Show: Haldan GalleryLake Taho, CA

2013 Christopher Street West/LA PRIDE: Video InstallationLos Angeles, CA

2013 Install/WEHO: Slippage/See/Saw Installation and VideoLos Angeles, CA

2012 Revolution (UCLA students-Powell Rotunda)Los Angeles, CA

2011 Gender OdysseySeattle, WA

2011 Skinning The Surface: Camouflage GallerySanta Cruz, CA

2010 Visibly Invisible: Art and Transgender SubjectivityCabrillo College-CA

2010 Fashion Art: Michelangelo GallerySanta Cruz, CA 

2009 That’s So Gay: Works/San JoseSan Jose, CA

2009 Remote Control: Works/San JoseSan Jose, CA

2008 Untold Stories:Queer Arts Festival/Femina PotensSan Francisco, CA

2008 Fashion Art: Michelangelo GallerySanta Cruz, CA

2006 Group Exhibit  Bemis Center/Underground Omaha, NE

2006  Three Person Exhibit  Femina Potens Gallery San Francisco, CA

2005  Two Person Exhibit  Darkroom Gallery Omaha, NE

2004  Phantom Galleries New Media Exhibit San Jose, CA

2002  New Fangle 2002: GenArt SF San Francisco, CA

2002   Hot Pink: Works by Queer Women San Francisco, CA


CURATING EXPERIENCE (selected exhibitions)

2017   Shorts Film Festival “Motorcycles, Gender, and Risk” Colorado Springs, CO

2014   Shorts Film Festival “Motorcycles in Motion” Colorado Springs, CO

2010    SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now), San Jose, CA

2009    Remote Control at SubZero/Works/San Jose Gallery, San Jose, CA

2009   That’s So Gay at Works/San Jose Gallery, San Jose

2007    Dykes On Bikes: 30 Years At The Forefront San Francisco GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco, CA         

2007    On/Off: Art in the Digital Age Cabrillo College Gallery, Aptos, CA       

2007    Infernal Love: Queer Video Shorts San Antonio, TX

2007    Ex_XX: post Position: CADRE after 20 years Works/San Jose Gallery,  San Jose, CA       

2004    Queer Arts Festival:Body Commodities/Queer Packaging  Works/San Jose & The Billy DeFrank GLBT Center, San Jose, CA 

2003    New Media Night: Works/San Jose Gallery, San Jose, CA

2002    What is Now: Performance Festival Works/San Jose Gallery, San Jose, CA  


References available upon request